Indeva AGV's

Scaglia Indeva® is in the business of the low cost automation since 1980 and has been supplying solutions for lean manufacturing applications, namely components for modular structures (Indeva Lean System®) and Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) since year 2000.

INDEVA® Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs) have been designed expressly for companies that apply the lean manufacturing principles. Thanks to their modularity, flexibility and easy-to-use features they represent an effective and low cost solution for assembly lines and logistics. The use of automatic guided vehicles proved to increase efficiency and reduce costs related to the task of carrying material from warehouse to the assembly line.

Emphasis on ‘easy-to-use’ and ‘make-it-yourself’ principles is the main focus of our INDEVA® AGVs overall design. In fact we do strongly believe that in a fast changing world the user has an important advantage in being independent in the programming, maintenance and possible modifications of their vehicles.


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