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Designing and manufacturing industrial manipulators since 1970.
The Intelligent DEVices for hAndling or INDEVA’s feature advanced technology that distinguish them from traditional industrial manipulators, and provide a step forward towards improved productivity,safety and ergonomics.

Thanks to intelligent electronic control,an INDEVA® is faster, more reactive and precise,to the point that it can truly be considered a powerful ‘human extender’.

Indeva AGV

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INDEVA® Automatic Guided vehicles (AGVs) have been designed expressly for companies that apply the lean manufacturing principles. Thanks to their modularity, flexibility and easy-to-use features they represent an effective and low cost solution for assembly lines and logistics.

The use of automatic guided vehicles proved to increase efficiency and reduce costs related to the task of carrying material from warehouse to the assembly line.

STÖGER AUTOMATION GmbH, the specialist for automatic and hand-held screwdrivers. For more than 25 years STÖGER AUTOMATION GmbH has been successfully committed to meeting the high demands of series production in industry when it comes to automatic screwdrivers.

In a highly modern environment our dedicated team of experienced mechanical and electrical engineers and skilled designers develop automatic and hand-held screwdrivers as well as setting and riveting systems with automatic feeding for manual, semiautomatic and fully automatic applications.

Doga Assembly Tools

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Torque Arms

DOGA is world class assembly technology player. Our assembly, ergonomics and traceability solutions contribute to enhancing your productivity, controlling your process quality and meet the requirements of industry 4.0. These product lines make your work easier and meet the varied requirements of operations in the field.

A pioneer and a leader in work station ergonomics, our wide range of torque reaction arms and tool positioning systems is an active contributor to the improvement of your operators’ comfort (elimination of MSD), of the quality of your assemblies and of your productivity.

Lean Manufacturing


Since the late 1990’s Scaglia Indeva S.p.A. has been supplying modular structures and lose components designed to suit the Lean manufacturing philosophy.

The INDEVA Lean System® comprises a wide range of components that enables you to design and build a variety of structures to suit any need within the manufacturing process.
Our engineers design and assemble the structures at our facility and ship them complete and ready for use upon delivery.


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